Jan 10, 2010

About Me

My name is Mehad. I am 21 years old. I study in the university, at Computer Science College, I have three sisters and one brother. My favorite hobby is sport, watching action romance movies. My dream is that peace will continue in Sudan.

About My last Holiday

The last holiday was at the sacrifice day. I was at Saudi Arabia. They were happy days. I went to a journey with my family and my friends. It was a beautiful day. We went to the mountains. It was so funny because we listened to songs; played football, chatted, played many games and finally we ate the delicious meat.

How I use the Internet

I use the internet for many things, like sending and receiving emails , using the messenger to chat with my family and friends, search about any information , read books and stories, uploading and downloading so many things. I also listen music, watch movies, read the news, know about fashion, health, children, read magazines,etc . The Internet is very useful in my life.

About a place

My favorite place is Sudan. We have wonderful places here. Sudan is the biggest country in the Middle Ease. People in Sudan are very sweet, but they have strange habits like Aljartic in

Weddings! Many tribes of people live in the Sudan from north to south. The tribes in the south are different from those in the west, east and the north. All speak different languages and wear different clothes. Even their traditions are different. Sudan is a very green country because it has many kinds of tree and different vegetables, fruits, flowers and roses.

How I use my mobile

How I use my mobile

Mobile is very important in my life because I use it for many reasons. I can save telephone number and I can send SMS to any person I save images and video to remember my sweet times with friends and family. I can play games and save songs. I have a program of translation from English to Arabic on my mobile. I can access Internet in the mobile. I save important times in our mobiles to remember our works, homework, family works.

Jan 9, 2010

aday to remember in my life

it was most beautiful day,ican't forgett it,ilove remember it, on the day I visited Makah al mokaramah&almadeenah al monwarah,Isow woanderful view's al madeenah is big city in eslam relegaon, it was name Yathreeb,it was live in the city mohamed salah allah alih wsalam,he was agreate pirson ,his name was alsadeeg al ameen,when you visite al madeenah, Iam shwor youwill remember all stories in eslam like when mohamed alieh alsalam came to this city first time, whate make people&who to meet him,you will remember whate prophet do to eslam masseg,Isow his tomb,he was patient,courageous, Iremember more thing about him&his friend's ,Iremembered difficultes facted him ,it was un forgettable day.

Jan 8, 2010

the bank river

we are looking at beautiful view , we see alot of boats, people ,big old tree ,old car,on river , the sun genarally shining in omdrman in april ,it is usually hot ,the men on the left started cut apice of wood ,they have finished cuting,the water carrier filled his tins from the river,the merchant with the sunshade come to river bank by his car ,the airplain landed it is still from tutti island reached the bank,it is going to khartoum,the boat near bank river,i gone to the bank of the nile on a weekend,it was beautiful day, iwish to go with my familto day.y,i think the bank of the nile is diffrent,its became more modern,beautiful ,orgnaized